Destiny 2 Guardians Criticize Increase in Difficulty in Lightfall – Elite Streamer is said to be to blame for everything

Destiny 2 Guardians Criticize Increase in Difficulty in Lightfall – Elite Streamer is said to be to blame for everything

This week, Destiny 2 announced new information about increasing the difficulty in PvE. Power level disadvantages and other adjustments should make it more difficult for the keepers in Lightfall. However, the community is not enthusiastic about it. And now a well-known streamer is said to be to blame. MeinMMO tells you what’s going on right now.

Which YouTuber is currently in the pillory? After Bungie last week its Blog post about the harder pace in PvE has published the community discusses it.

Other guardians loudly accuse the content creator Stefan “Datto” Jonke from the Destiny 2 streamer elite. It’s all his fault now. His comments on the topic in a video would have been the catalyst for these changes.

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Here’s how Datto antagonized the community: The stumbling block for players was a 26-minute video Datto released on February 22nd. So a day before Bungie’s latest blog post came out.

  • In the video, he explained that some of the changes Bungie is making to Destiny 2’s endgame, like increasing the difficulty, bode well for the future of the game.
  • He also endorsed the decision to encourage more skillful and coordinated gameplay in difficult encounters. After all, challenging content is meant to be difficult to match the powerful rewards.

Players “unsubscribe” Datto from its community membership

Datto has always polarized: Destiny veteran Datto has long been known for making personal comments on the game’s problems. This makes him a polarizing figure in the Destiny 2 community. Especially when his views favored the less popular changes.

However, a post on reddit, which was deleted after just 20 minutes, publicly denounced Datto for his “elitist” attitudes and demanded that he distance himself from him. The first “official termination” of a streamer by the community, so to speak.

Should he be in the position he is in? Why is he “the Destiny guy”? If his opinions disagree with the vast majority of us [der Community] agree, I don’t think he should be involved.

wrote the user Senspec in the now-deleted reddit post

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Datto has been publicly held responsible for the changes

One opinion among many: Even if Datto might get more hearing and attention due to his reach, his video was still just one opinion of many. It does not automatically reflect the opinion of the entire Destiny 2 community.

In addition, Datto has also drawn attention to problems with these changes, which have been completely lost under the accusations. In the same video, he noted that there are also points that Bungie still needs to address, in his opinion.

  • Bungie would have made confusing wording about the difficulty of Lost Sectors
  • It is also worrying that some top loot does not correspond to the level of difficulty

Bungie inquires about ‘decision’

Community manager follows up: Taking to Twitter, Cozmo, a Destiny 2 community manager, responded to Jacob Shxvel’s screened tweet . He asked what the final decision of the community is?

The answers to this were definitely worth reading:

  • So fell KeKeHippo the harsh verdict: “The community has decided to terminate Lightfall and Bungie. You all had a good run, but it’s over now. […]”
  • brendan makes the decision: “I think I’ll have to wait for a video from Datto so I can get an idea.”
  • Etheon45 wants to use Sharmagy against Datto: “What if we use Hive Magic to separate the elite Datto from the normal Datto into two people?”
  • Darkdemon8910 judged: “I judge [Datto] to 60 years Solo Grandmaster Duality Dungeon.” But then he added, “No, he’s right and I value his opinion. He’s been at it for years and tells it like it is. The game has been too easy for a while and that will make people engage more with things. There are concerns, but leave the matter alone.”

What is the verdict of the German Destiny community? Do you think streamers actively influence Bungie’s decisions? Or are these just opinions? Please leave us a comment here on MeinMMO.

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