Diablo 3 Shepherd’s Staff: Farms, Recipe and Materials

Diablo 3 Shepherd's Staff Mysterious Cave Act 1 Black Mushroom

Here we show you how you can farm the shepherd’s staff in Diablo 3 Season 28 and what materials you need for the recipe.

What is this kind of part? The Shepherd’s Crook is usually used to open the Rainbow level. There you can unlock a portrait frame, among other things.

In Season 28 of Diablo 3 you need the Shepherd’s Staff for the Altar of Rites. In this short guide we will show you how to get the part.

This is how you unlock the shepherd’s crook

You have to do this: In order to obtain the Shepherd’s Staff, you must meet a few requirements. We will show you the individual steps in writing here in the guide and below them in a picture gallery. So you can be sure that you are looking in the right place.

  1. Get one Black fungus. You can find it in act 1 in the cathedral (level 1). Look for a room that can be found as the inner corner of two hallways. The black fungus would clearly grow on the ground. Keep in mind that the mushroom is quite rare and you may have to open several new games to get it.
  2. Now you need Leoric’s shin. This can be found in Leoric’s Manor (Leoric’s Manor Courtyard). Enter the property and already in the first hallway there are two rooms. Look for a chimney there (only spawned in the right room). If you find wood in it that you can interact with, the shin spawns there
  3. Now we buy host’s bell. To do this, travel to the Hidden Camp in Akt. There you will meet the dealer Krümelchen, who will sell you the item Host Bell for 100,000 gold under “Other”.
  4. Then we’ll grab it rainbow water. For this you have to use the port point for the oasis of Dahlgur in Act 2. Here you have to hope to find a vendor at the southern end of the map that can spawn randomly. He is attacked by opponents. If you help him, he will open a dungeon for you next to him (easiest to do this if you have the bounty for this mysterious cave in Act 2). If you are lucky, you will find a mysterious chest in the cave where you can loot the rainbow water.
  5. The last item is the gibberish stone. Travel to the Bridge of Korsikk in Act 3. The item can drop inside the Frost Caverns. If you have the bounty for the Frost Caverns, then the drop should even be guaranteed. Either the Frost Caverns or the Icefall Caverns can spawn on the map. If you see the icefall caves, you can reset the game again. The NPC Chiltara, which you can find on level 2 in the Frost Caverns, can drop the gibberish stone. But the chances are not very high.
  6. Now let’s get the recipe Plan: Shepherd’s Crook. You can find it in Act 4 at the Silver Tower. There you have to kill Izual and with luck he will drop the recipe for the shepherd’s crook.
  7. Once you have everything together, you take the recipe to the blacksmith and teach him how to do it. Then you can craft the staff with the materials you found.
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In our gallery we show you the spawns of the items in the game:

Black Mushroom:

The room must be surrounded by two corridors – the black mushrooms can then drop on the ground there

Leoric’s Shin:

host’s bell:

Buy Diablo 3 Host Bell
Here you can buy the bell from Krümelchen Wirts

rainbow water:

gibberish stone:

Plan: Shepherd’s Crook:

Diablo 3 Shepherd's Staff Mysterious Cave Act 4 Shepherd's Staff Recipe
After killing Izual, the Shepherd’s Staff recipe may drop

Keep in mind that you will probably have to grind a lot for the materials. Many of the spawns are very rare and take a number of runs to spawn. Expect to invest a lot of time here.

With the crafted shepherd’s crook you can now open the portal to the secret level. There are some cool cosmetic items like a hamburger for you.

If you are not interested in this, you can use the Shepherd’s Staff directly at the Altar of Rites, and use it to unlock sealing powers. In the linked guide we show you everything you need to know about the feature.