EA asks you if you want remakes of Dead Space 2 and 3

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The remake of the horror classic Dead Space was released at the end of January and not only convinced us in the test, but also many fans of the series. Not only does the remake come up with new graphics, there is even an alternative ending. And EA also seems to be impressed by the game’s success: In a survey shared by a developer of another game on Twitter, the game publisher asked about interest in possible remakes for parts two and three. So are there any chances of an early announcement, or will hopeful players end up disappointed? Find out in our article!

“How interested would you be in a remake of Dead Space 2?”

Two images posted to Twitter by Dilon Rogers, one of the developers behind retro shooter Gloomwood, show a survey provided by EA. The wording of the two questions to be answered is: “How interested would you be in a similar remake of Dead Space 2 (2011) or Dead Space 3 (2013)?”.

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Five different statements can be ticked as answer options, from “not at all interested” to “extremely interested”. With such a survey, EA probably wants to find out the interest in further remakes, even if the sales figures for the first part are likely to be the decisive factor.

Only remakes but no sequels?

Even if further remakes for parts two and three are a nice thing, especially for fans, many questions should still arise as to whether the remakes will remain or whether EA will decide to commission a successor after all? After the controversial last part of the series, which not only attracted negative attention due to microtransactions, but also no longer sold as well as the two predecessors, a possible fourth part was put on hold for years.

If the sales figures are high enough and the player feedback, also from such surveys, is positive, we can actually expect a sequel. In a January article, we reported that the developers had placed fairly specific references to a new installment in the remake.

However, it is questionable whether that is enough to convince EA. Nevertheless, the chances are not bad, after all, EA has already made a small U-turn in terms of single-player games: just a few years ago, it was completely focused on multiplayer games and live service, but now it is increasingly daring to play real single-player games again. experiences.