Electronic Arts polls fans on more Dead Space remakes

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Dead Space Remake It proved that a proper reissue can be done and that it could just be the beginning of a new era for the series. However, due to the opinions of Electronic Arts about single player games and the weak reception of dead space 3, the series went on an indefinite hiatus for an entire decade. Last month, EA revived the series for a faithful remake of dead space which also expanded the beloved game with new content that was cut from the original version. The remake was praised by critics and fans have been waiting to see more remakes.

There were suggestions that a remake of dead space 2 it could come after fans found Easter Eggs hinting at the second game’s plot in the first remake. Now, it seems that EA is taking things more seriously and taking action on it. EA has reportedly set up a poll asking if fans want to see more Dead Space 2 remakes and dead space 3. dead space 2 is arguably the most beloved game in the franchise, so it seems like a no-brainer after how successful EA Motive was with the first game. Although the third game is not that popular, it has its fans.

EA Motive also opened the door to doing remakes that add content instead of strictly sticking to what was in the original version. dead space 3 it is quite notorious among fans for its cut content and how it changed direction throughout development. The cooperative part of the game was meant to play a bigger role in Isaac’s story and psychosis, but was cut from the game. Only time will tell what direction Motive would take with a remake of dead space 3.

At the moment, Dead Space Remake is available for PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC. You can read our review at this link.


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