Half-Life with ray tracing? This mod makes it possible!

Half Life: Gordon Freeman

In terms of graphics, the term has been used again and again for several years ray tracing thrown in the room. This technology can be applied not only to modern titles, but also to well-known classics. For example, last summer we reported on a project that N64 games clearly prettified. But also PC games of the late 90s are obviously an issue in this regard. Finally, a mod was recently released that allows you to play the first Half-Life with ray tracing.

Half-Life in a new guise

Responsible for the mod is a user named “sultim t“. The modder not only published his project on Github, but also published a trailer on YouTube just in time for the release. This impressively shows what a big leap the technology can achieve. The textures or models of the title were not changed after all.

Only the lighting and the resolution have been adjusted in the trailer. For example, the train ride at the beginning of the game, the reactor catastrophe or the narrow shafts in the Black Mesa headquarters create a completely new effect. According to Kotaku, installing the mod shouldn’t be too difficult. Download two zip files, unzip, put in the right folder, done. Thus, fans of the original should be able to enjoy the title from 1998 with fancier lighting relatively quickly.

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