Jörg Langer awarded Bronze as GamesWirtschaftsWeiser – News

Jörg Langer awarded Bronze as GamesWirtschaftsWeiser - News

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The magazine GamesEconomy GamesWirtschaftWeisen has announced for the games year 2022. Among them is also Jorg Langerwho will be able to adorn himself with the title “Prophet of the Industry” in the future.

To determine the winners, 20 theses have been sent out to industry experts in January for the past six years, with the task of estimating the probability of certain events. Last year, for example, the question was whether Bobby Kotick At the end of 2022, still sitting in the executive chair of Activision Blizzard, Sony introducing an alternative to the Game Pass or a union for employees in the games industry will be formed.

Games professors have proven to be the wisest Lutz Anderie and Capcom manager Kai Stuwe stood out, sharing first place with 16 out of 20 points. Jörg Langer is close behind in third place with 14 points. On average, the more than 100 participants achieved 10.8 points.

GamesWirtschaft is an online news magazine for the games industry in German-speaking countries. It was founded in July 2016 by Petra Happywho previously served as the longtime Editor-in-Chief of PC Games and PC Action magazines.


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