New Free2Play shooter on Steam lets you blast half the map – Begin a beta soon

New Free2Play shooter on Steam lets you blast half the map – Begin a beta soon

A new PvP shooter, The Finals, is about to launch a closed beta test that you can register for on Steam.

What kind of game is this? The Finals is an upcoming first-person shooter being developed by Embark Studios and coming as a free2play title on PC via Steam, on PS5 and on Xbox Series X|S.

The Finals relies on action-packed PvP battles in which you can use numerous weapons, various gadgets and the destructibility of the maps to gain an advantage over your opponents.

In general, you should be able to change all cards in The Finals in order to get a tactical benefit from them. But whether you blow up entire buildings from under your opponents is up to you. You put together your loadout freely and choose the weapons, skills and devices you use.

For example, you can also do without chaos and destruction and sneak up on your opponents with a katana in order to eliminate them as silently as possible.

The maps themselves are called arenas. In them, the players compete against each other in a kind of game show and play for victory.

We embed the trailer for the closed beta here:

The Finals Closed Beta Trailer

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When does the closed beta start? The Finals will begin a two-week closed beta on March 7th, 2023 on Steam.

If you would like to participate in the closed beta, you must request access on the shooter’s Steam page. If you are approved for the beta test, you will receive an email notification. It is currently not possible to say how generous the developers are.

What do shooter fans think of The Finals? On YouTube some shooter fans have commented on The Finals or the new “Closed Beta” trailer. The basic tenor is extremely positive, many players the scenes shown.

  • Futives: “The fast-paced first-person shooter we’ve all been waiting for!”
  • ZekQc: “The people making these trailers deserve a raise!”
  • FotaSteam: “That looks funny. Finally someone is going to release a really fun game.”
  • tpenamon: “Can’t wait. The alpha was fantastic and played just like the trailer”

Shooter fan ShaddyDaShadow couldn’t resist a little jab at the much-criticized Battlefield 2042, writing, “So this is where all the talent from DICE went.” He’s alluding to the fact that the makers of The Finals, Embark Studio, have former DICE and Battlefield employees such as Patrick Söderlund and Robert Runessson in their ranks.

In addition to the PvP shooter The Finals, Embark Studios is also working on the loot shooter ARC Raiders, which was originally supposed to be released in 2022 but was postponed.

One of the last shooter hopes for 2022 was a loot shooter like Destiny – but that too is now being postponed

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