No chance for the competition: Sons of the Forest is so successful on Twitch

Sons of the Forest: How many times the game has sold in the first 24 hours alone (1)

Since February 23 is the Early Access version of Sons of the Forest accessible. The hype surrounding the game was already huge when this unfinished version was released. In addition to the sales figures, the numbers also speak up, among other things Twitter for how great the interest in the sequel to The Forest is at the moment. In the first two days, the game was able to count more viewers than the most popular category on the entire platform.

Sons of the Forest on Twitch

Actually, the “Just Chatting” category on Twitch is considered the top dog in terms of viewership. Pcgamesn, for example, emphasizes that on February 23 at times more than 600,000 people looked at content from this very category. However, the peak that Sons of the Forest was able to claim was significantly higher. Say and write 769,285 People have been watching streams of the new survival horror adventure at the same time.

According to the Twitchtracker site, the title is currently the 5th most watched category on the platform. The average is currently more than presentable 94.3 thousand. just “just chatting” League of Legends, Valorant and GTA V are currently ahead of the Early Access title in the rankings. It remains to be seen how the game will fare in the coming weeks and months. But you can hardly imagine a better start for your own early access than Endnight Games.

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