Playstation 5: Next presentation should take place before E3 – rumor

Sony is ramping up PlayStation VR2 production.

At the moment it seems to be about them E3 2023 not looking too good. After all, big companies like Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft are apparently not at the start this year. In this regard, there is currently a message about the PlayStation 5 and the line-up for the coming months. Although a State of Play only recently took place, which we reported on in advance, there is already speculation about Sony’s next presentation. Insider Jeff Grubb recently fueled this explicitly.

When is the next State of Play?

In the current edition of the “Game Mess Decides” podcast, Grubb spoke about the company’s next announcements. “[Sony] saves the good stuff for the Playstation ShowcaseAccording to the insider. The announcements during the last State of Play were not particularly spectacular for many fans. Grubb had previously predicted this.

This [Showcase] will take place before E3. Originally this should have taken place last autumn, [doch] the presentation kept being pushed back because the developers weren’t ready. But now that the developers are ready, you should have a big show ready, covering the second phase of the Playstation 5 (buy now €632.25 )heralds.

Since E3 2023 is scheduled to take place between June 13th and 16th, a presentation should be expected by mid-June at the latest. Grubb was right, for example, with his previous forecast for announcements by the Playstation group. Finally, among other things, a message from his side recently came true with the State of Play.

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