Pokémon GO Hoenn Tour: Trainers struggle with server problems in raids and spawns

Purchases in Pokémon GO will be more expensive for some trainers from tomorrow - that's what's behind it

The big Hoenn tour is running in Pokémon GO this weekend, but server problems are making the event difficult for players. We at MeinMMO show you what happened.

Which event is it about? One of the highlights in Pokémon GO is this year’s Hoenn Tour, which is currently taking place this weekend. But even though the event has only been active for a few hours, trainers are struggling with problems. We’ll show you what they are and what we know about them.

You can find out more about the current events at the Hoenn event in our live ticker.

Problems interacting with arenas

What are these problems? As some trainers report on social networks, there should always be problems in the game. Difficulties arise in particular when interacting with arenas, for example to take part in the popular proto-raids.

So writes the reddit user Ballybomb_ (via reddit.com): “Proto Raids can be played in UK [Großbritannien] not be entered on site. The screen freezes when you try to click something.” He also shares a picture of his frozen game.

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This is particularly annoying, because for the first time worldwide Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon can be defeated in special raids in order to secure the coveted Primal Energy. You can read exactly what protomorphosis is all about in the following article:

Find coaches: “The game is completely unplayable”

Ballybomb_ is not alone with these problems, as other players also report that their game is sluggish, they are kicked out of raids or no longer see spawns. The game seems to be unplayable in some parts of the world. You can on reddit read the following:

  • denbo786: “The game is very sluggish here in Ireland.”
  • WubbaLubbaSupSup: “Network problems also in Denmark.”
  • LouisPitches97: “Here in Italy the game is completely unplayable.”
  • BroscaCadash: “No spawns, here in Norway where I am. The previous hour was full of spawns around my house, but now, in a coffee shop with more than three PokéStops around me, there aren’t any… Raids don’t work either, but PokéStops and Gyms rotate.”
  • K–Swizz: “Same thing in Saudi Arabia, where everyone just got kicked out in the middle of a raid.”

In Germany, too, there should always be problems, as the user MGDuck reports (via reddit.com): “Game interruptions in Germany. I think if I can’t interact with arenas it was a mistake to play today.”

Why are there difficulties? It is not yet officially known why exactly the game errors occur. Due to the number of players accessing the Niantic servers at the same time because of the event, it can be assumed that they are overloaded and that is why the problems occur.

Whether and when these will be fixed cannot be said at this point in time. If there is any information from Niantic about this, you will definitely find out from us on MeinMMO.

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Are you also affected by server problems in the game? And that’s why you can’t participate in the raids? Or is everything going perfectly for you? Let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers.

By the way: There were already massive server problems at the live event for the Hoenn tour in Las Vegas. A tweet from the developers finally caused a lot of trouble for the trainers. We explain why.