RAM: GALAX releases DDR5-8000 memory

RAM: GALAX releases DDR5-8000 memory

from Julius Bald
GALAX has announced that DDR5 RAM with a speed of up to 8,000 megahertz will now also be available. The bars are based on the GALAX Hall of Fame series, which is made for extreme overclocking attempts. The main memory comes with a fancy, simple white and optionally with RGB lighting.

There’s a lot going on on the memory front right now. Although the current DDR5 standard is still relatively new, manufacturers are already trying to outdo each other with higher and higher clock frequencies. As we reported just a few weeks ago, G.Skill had the first DDR5-8000 bars in its portfolio. It was already foreseeable that the competition would not sleep there. Hardware manufacturer GALAX is now following suit and has announced that there will be new memory sticks from the Hall of Fame (HOF) series.

GALAX: Hall of Fame series expands with DDR-8000

The new 32 gigabyte RAMs, which come as two bars with 16 gigabytes each, come in three different speed versions: 7,200 megahertz (36-36-46-116), 7,600 megahertz (36-46-46-122) and 8,000 ( 36-48-48-128). A voltage of 1.45 volts is applied to the “slowest” and 1.5 volts to each of the bigger brothers. The speeds are achieved with the Intel XMP 3.0 profile, AMD is not initially mentioned.

The GALAX HOF RAMs come in a chic white color including the PCB, alternatively a variant with white paint and colorful RGB lighting can be selected. According to current pictures, there also seems to be a variant with a black PCB, so potential buyers should make sure that they really have the desired variant in their shopping cart. Now we have to wait and see when the main memory will be listed.

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Source: Videocardz