Sons of the Forest: Find crossbow and get bolt ammo

sons of the forest map crossbow

You can find a crossbow in Sons of the Forest, which will be very useful in the fight against the intrusive neighbors. Here you will find all the information and tips for finding the weapon and crossbow bolts.

Where can I find the crossbow? For the weapon you already need some progress in the game. The cave with the crossbow can be entered from the start, but you need the Maintenance Keycard to get to the correct room.

But for this keycard you need the shovel, which is also not that easy to get: Sons of the Forest: Find shovel – This is how you get the important progress item.

You will find two maps here: one with the location of the crossbow cave and one with the keycard location. Here is the map for the crossbow:

The cave with the crossbow – map source:

Where can I find the maintenance key card? The location is shown on your GPS device as a flashing green dot:

sons of the forest map maintenance key
The Cave with the Maintenance Key Map – Map Source:

Investigate the ground at this location. You will find places to dig here and you will discover a bunker. Examine the underground complex and in a living area you will find the keycard on the desk. Keep looking around, there’s a lot to loot down here – like the fire axe.

Where can I find crossbow bolts? Currently you only get the ammo for the crossbow when you loot it, you cannot craft the bolts. So be economical with the strong weapon, even if it’s difficult.

Sons of the Forest is in Early Access and the developers say they will bring more recipes and more items into the game over time. This may also include the bolts.

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Always pick up one of the bolts in case Kelvin stabs you in the back: Kelvin was the hero in Sons of the Forest – but players now say: “Don’t trust him!”