Sons of the Forest is already a huge hit on Steam!

Sons of the Forest: How the predecessor surprised me

The official release of Sons of the Forest was only recently postponed and the survival game is only playable in Early Access on Steam for the time being. Nevertheless, the successor to The Forest was able to convince a lot of players after the first 24 hours. As the developers of Endnight Games announce on Twitter, they are very grateful and pleased that the game is being received so well by players. Even before the start of the Early Access phase, the game was able to fight its way up to the very first place in the Steam wish lists and was therefore requested more often than, for example, Starfield from Bethesda or Atomic Heart. And even now, shortly after the start, the euphoria among the players does not seem to be abating.

Sons of the Forest has sold so many times

According to the developers, the sequel to The Forest has already more than two million times sold. And that alone in the first 24 hours after release. This makes it the second game of the year that has been so successful in such a short space of time.

Previously, the Hogwarts Legacy, also a long-awaited hype game among fans, had succeeded. As we also recently reported, the Harry Potter game sold more than 12 million copies in the first two weeks after release. Nevertheless, the two million sales of Sons of the Forest are more than impressive when you consider that the game is not a large development studio with hundreds of employees, but an indie team.

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In addition, millions of new players will definitely be added in the next few days and weeks, after all the game only started in Early Access. So there is still a lot of potential left for the next success stories.

Will Sons of the Forest come to consoles?

After the initial success of the game, many questions will surely arise about the chances of a console port of Sons of the Forest. We can’t see into the future, of course, and as of now, a PS5 or Xbox version hasn’t been announced. But the probability that we will be able to play the game on the common consoles at some point is quite high.

For one thing, the predecessor, The Forest, was released at least for the PS4. On the other hand, after the great success on Steam, the developers will certainly not refrain from convincing the many millions of potential gamers on Playstation, Xbox and maybe even Nintendo Switch of the game in the first 24 hours alone.

Another factor is the relatively easy porting: Sons of the Forest runs on the Unity Engine. This is known for making it relatively easy for developers to binge their games to other platforms. Nevertheless, console players will probably have to wait until the game is fully released, which should be the end of 2023 at the earliest.