Sons of the Forest: player numbers break a new record

Steam Wishlist Charts: Sons of The Forest follows Hogwarts Legacy

from Julius Bald
The survival horror title Sons of the Forest is currently enjoying great popularity and was able to captivate over 350,000 players at the same time in front of the screens. The game is the direct successor to The Forest and is currently still in Early Access. The title has already clearly trumped its predecessor.

The survival title The Forest has now been almost five years old since the final release and is still cited by many players today as a very well-rounded package of crafting and horror elements. Now the successor is in the starting blocks. Sons of the Forest also starts in Early Access and is currently available for 28.99 euros available. The game has already received the “very positive” seal on Steam with 85% positive ratings. This is currently also reflected in the number of players, which are constantly setting new records.

Sons of the Forest: Does the current player record hold?

At the peak of its first release weekend, Sons of the Forest has managed to gather over 350,000 players simultaneously in the virtual world of horror. It is conceivable that this record will be surpassed again this Saturday evening. For comparison: at the long-term peak, the predecessor The Forest “just” made it to a good 75,000 simultaneous players – that was in October 2022.

Sons of the Forest is set on a mysterious island infested with cannibals and mutants that players must defend against. The task of the stranded is seemingly easy: you have to find a missing billionaire and use the local flora and fauna to survive. The sequel to The Forest brings numerous new features such as dynamic seasons and AI companions. Sons of the Forest can also be played in multiplayer with up to eight players.

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