Steam: Dark and Darker Announces Date for Next Playtest – Already had over 100,000 concurrent players

New game inspires Steam, is like Escape from Tarkov with a fantasy setting - playable for free for a short time

Dark and Darker has announced another playtest for 2023 after the last one already had over 100,000 concurrent players on Steam.

When is the next playtest? Dark and Darker announced on Twitter that there will be another playtest in 2023. This runs from April 14th to 19th.

What kind of game is this? Dark And Darker is a dungeon crawler with PvP elements that is being developed by indie studio Ironmace and will be released on Steam.

The gameplay loop of the game is based on brawling you with other players on a map for loot. The game principle is reminiscent of extraction shooters like Escape from Tarkov – but without a shooter.

Instead of guns and modern warfare, Dark and Dark relies on a medieval fantasy setting. In addition to magic and sorcery, you can use swords and shields to defy the dangers lurking in the dark. On top of that, there are ranged weapons like a crossbow. However, you will look in vain for an assault rifle in the indie title.

A fundamental aspect of Dark and Darker is PvP. It is advisable to work together in a team consisting of up to three players in order to defeat other players.

The gaming experience is harsh and punishing. Since you have fallen victim to death in a running round, you will lose your loot. It is important to avoid this.

Here’s a gameplay teaser for Dark and Darker:

Dark and Darker: Gameplay Teaser

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How successful was the most recent playtest? Dark and Darker’s latest playtest ended on February 16th. This was a complete success. According to Ironmace, a total of nearly 2 million players played the playtest (via Twitter).

On Steam, Dark and Darker has had an average player count of 54,619 over the past 30 days (as of February 25, 2023). The maximum number of concurrent active players during the period was 108,000 players (via Steam Charts).

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