The most fun class in World of Warcraft – you chose

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Which class is the most fun in World of Warcraft? You voted – and the result is pretty clear.

Over the past few decades, World of Warcraft has grown steadily and received more and more content. But the classes have also changed drastically. Quite simple gameplays, often just “fireball, fireball, fireball”, became complex rotations with numerous abilities. Especially with Dragonflight and the return of the talent trees, the playing styles have changed again visibly.

So a few days ago we wanted to know which class you enjoy most in World of Warcraft. You answered this question and voted in large numbers in our survey. More than 3,000 of you cast your vote – and here is the result.

  • 13th place: Mage (4%, 133 votes)
  • 12th place: Villain (5%, 143 votes)
  • 11th place: Monk (6%, 175 votes)
  • 10th place: Rufer (6%, 201 votes)
  • 9th place: Death Knight (6%, 202 votes)
  • 8th place: Priest (7%, 212 votes)
  • 7th place: Paladin (8%, 253 votes)
  • 6th place: Demon Hunter (8%, 255 votes)

The selected classes are often very close to each other, especially in the lower places. It’s a little surprising that the mage, actually a fantasy archetype and a true “veteran” of Warcraft, ends up so far behind. Even villains in the penultimate place often do not seem to be perceived as fun, but rather as hectic. This is followed by a trio of “new” classes that didn’t exist in the original WoW (Monk, Caller, Death Knight).

The two followers of the holy light (priests and paldines) find themselves in positions 8 and 7. Paladins are brilliant as tanks, but the retaliator is currently still a problem child – but it will soon be significantly revised. The playstyle of the shadow specialization is unpopular with priests and the discipline priest despairs of some fights.

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The demon hunter is already in the solid midfield with 6th place. His playstyles have become more complex both as a tank and as a DPS character, but few other classes can scurry across the battlefield as quickly.

5th place: Warlock

265 votes and thus 8% of the participants lifted the sorcerer to fifth place, just ahead of the demon hunter. Although the sorcerer only has ranged specializations, he was well received. This is probably also due to the fact that “Speccs” play very differently. Whether you’re hurling dozens of demons at the enemy or agonizingly searing them with fire, it just feels good and consistent.

Apart from that, the warlock also has a wide toolkit of useful skills. Numerous demons with different abilities, health stones for the party, portals for summoning walking lazy and even a revival in battle. A genuine “all-rounder” that can dish out a lot of damage and hits exactly the fantasy that players expect.

4th place: Shaman

WoW legion shaman enhancer

Originally a purely Horde class, the Shaman has become a popular choice on both sides.

While the shaman is still often associated with just “fighting frenzy” or “heroism,” the class is now much more than that, bringing interesting mechanics and a very satisfying playstyle with high rewards – whether as a healer or DPS slingshot.

A deserved 4th place in this list (9%, 289 votes).

3rd place: Druid

No class is as versatile as the druid, because no other class has 4 different specializations. Therefore, the druid is the jack of all trades of World of Warcraft and more versatile than any other class. If one of the specializations is just “junk”, you have 3 others to choose from until the next patch.

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Powerful healing, a powerful group buff, stealth, in-combat revives, and devastating spells that can blow everything off the screen in a few seconds in PvE and PvP secured Druids the 3rd place in our poll with 308 votes (10%).

2nd place: hunter

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Still ridiculed by some in the community even after years, hunters are currently one of the most fun classes. Whether as a Beastmaster, Marksman or Survival hunter, the class can deal enormous damage and, in contrast to other ranged fighters, is only rarely dependent on long cast times.

Hunters can choose between simple “4-button rotations” or significantly more complex playstyles, so that the class has something to offer for newcomers and veterans alike.

In addition, hunters have an exclusive type of character customization with their wild animals. Therefore, just in second place (11%, 263 votes).

WoW survey evaluation great fun
The result of the survey at the time of evaluation.

1st place: Warrior

WoW Warrior Nathria Background titel title 1280x720

One would think that the warrior is a pretty well-worn concept that has already been incorporated into every MMORPG – but in World of Warcraft, at least for the time being, it seems to be enthralling fans.

Actually, our reader Alexander Ostmann gets to the heart of the matter in the comments:

Warriors are versatile, fun and bring a good group buff.

Whether it’s a tough tank that draws in enemy threats, or a snarling fury or weapon warrior that dish out heavy damage to the point of nausea, the warrior is a rock-solid choice and can excel in any type of content. Every button press on the warrior just feels good and is fun – so it’s no wonder that the readers of MeinMMO voted the warrior number 1. With 12% (372 votes), no other class comes close to the veteran.

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Did you expect this result? Does that match your experience? Or can you not understand why a certain class is so high and another so low?