Twitch streamers play football in front of 40,000 spectators – Mizkif pulls the tackle, breaks opponent’s elbow

Twitch streamers play football in front of 40,000 spectators - Mizkif pulls the tackle, breaks opponent's elbow

During a soccer game under Streamer, a participant broke his elbow live on Twitch after Mizkif grabbed him with a sliding tackle.

Who is the person you are talking about?

  • The streamer group OTK (“One True King”) hosted a football game among streamers on February 24 and broadcast it on Twitch.
  • OTK consists of twitch streamers related to MMORPGs like WoW and Lost Ark. Group members include streamers such as Asmongold, tipsoutbaby and Mizkif.
  • Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo also attended the soccer game as a member of OTK. He is a very successful streamer on Twitch, but a scandal stalled Mizkif’s career in 2022.

At the soccer game, Miszkif captained the team in the red jerseys. The streamer roflgator, among others, played in the blue team. The game was broadcast on Twitch and at the time of the foul about 40,000 people were watching on Nick “Nmplol” Polom’s channel (via SullyGnome).

How did Mizkif break his opponent’s elbow? Already in the first half there were more duels between Mizkif and roflgator, who both played on the same side of the field.

With just under 1:30 left before half-time was due, Mizkif held the ball against roflgator and played a pass down the middle. His team couldn’t use the chance to score and the ball landed at roflgator. It happened shortly after.

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Mizkaf apparently saw a chance to recapture the ball near the opponent’s goal. The streamer tried to tackle the ball, but had no chance of getting the ball. roflgator played a pass, but he couldn’t see the rushing Mizkif, who yanked him off his feet.

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Without hesitation, the referee stopped the game and called it a foul, but roflgator was down. The streamer landed unhappily, holding his arm in pain.

You can see a Twitch clip showing Mizkif’s foul here:

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What happened next? roflgator had to leave the field involuntarily, the match ended for him due to injury. It was not possible to continue playing.

After the match, roflgator came forward Twitter to speak and reported that his elbow was broken in three places after the foul and had to be operated on.

There was also a football event among streamers in Germany – also with an injured content creator. YouTuber Sebastian “Rewinside” Meyer suffered a kneecap and meniscus injury while warming up and left the arena on a stretcher.

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