Where to find the keycards in Sons of the Forest? Locations of all keycards

Where to find the keycards in Sons of the Forest?  Locations of all keycards

Sooner or later you will be in Sons of the Forest encounter secret areas and former research facilities that are important for the progress of the story. Valuable items await you here, but also locked doors, which can only be opened with the appropriate one key card can be opened.

In the following lines, we’ll tell you how to find all the key cards in “Sons of the Forest” and what exactly you can use them for.

How do I find all key cards?

We’ve found three different keycards in Sons of the Forest so far. This is about the Maintenance key cardthe VIP key card and the Guest key card. It is important that you put these key cards in must find exactly this order.

But before you can start looking for the keycards, you first have to get the the rope gun and the diving gear to get to the shovel to get. Only when you have these three items in your inventory can you look around for the key cards.

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Location of the Maintenance Keycard

To the Maintenance key card to get there you have to go to the green GPS signal northwest of the big mountain. We show you the location on the map below.

Location of the VIP Keycard

The VIP Keycard also requires you to move to a green, pulsing dot on the map. At this point you will find a cave entrance with two golf carts in front of it. Go through the cave to a hatch and then climb down the ladder to get into a mysterious laboratory.

Now go through the room and you will find a door at the back that requires a key card to open. You already have this keycard in your possession. Now follow the corridor through the laboratory, past all the plants and into the dark corridor in front of you. Turn left and go down the steps before turning left again to access more rooms. Now you have to wade through a little water, but you don’t need the diving equipment at this point.

You reach another dark corridor. On the left you will see an open door that will take you to a new passage. A set of steps will now lead you into a security room. In this room very you monitors and a switch near which the VIP key card lies.

Location of the Guest Keycard

Also with the guest key card you have to follow a green, pulsing dot that is displayed on your card.

Arrived at the marked place, you will find another cave. Once inside, you will find another research facility with long corridors. The 3D printer awaits you in the first room. Follow the passage to the end and turn right at the end. In front of you you will again see a security door that can only be opened with a key card.

So, at this point, use the VIP key card to gain access and then go through the lab. Now take the spiral staircase in front of you to go upstairs. Once on the upper floor, go past the pool loungers into the bar. On the right side of the bar, near the nightclub neon sign, you will find them on the table in the middle of the booth guest key card.


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