WoW: bling! Probably the rarest white transmog items are available through fishing

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The most coveted looks and items for transmogrification in WoW don’t necessarily come from the flashing and blinking epics from online RPG raids; whether it’s a new or old raid. No, with the possibility of adding white and gray items to the transmog collection since the release of WoW Patch 10.0.5, some of the rarest and sometimes most coveted items are white – and mainly come from fishing!

The Folks from WoWHead have put together a small overview of some of the coolest items that you can mainly get from bags of fished treasures from Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, which we don’t want to withhold from you. Do you want that for your warrior? noble monocle miss or give him one Crumpled jungle hat put on? Then you will find out below where you can get the items from!

With walking stick, charm and jungle hat

So what are the items?

Do you want any or all of these items? Then you dig deep into your pocket depending on availability in the auction house on the EU servers. The most coveted of these five Whites are definitely the Jungle Hat, which can cost up to 180,000 gold, and the Walking Stick, for which lucky finders can fetch up to 110,000 gold. After all, it is particularly pretty with its bling effect. Do you have some time and want to save the money? Then try to get hold of the items via the fished treasures!

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Sack full of fished treasures from Outland and Northrend

In advance: Antique silver cufflink is the easiest to grab because he lets you off the antique dealer in Tazavesh, the Veiled Market is sold. The dealer is right next to the pier and leans against the hut before you have to devote yourself to the first trash pack of the Shadowlands Mythic dungeon. All you have to do is shell out a little more than a nugget and the cosmetic is yours. It shares its look with that of cutters, for example Netherweave Bracersbut these bracers do not belong to the cosmetic category of the game like the cufflink.

You can get all other items with luck Sack full of fished treasures (Outland) and Sack full of fished treasures (Nordend) get hold of. There are different ways to get hold of these bags.

Garrisons and Blingtron 4000

Don’t feel like traveling around the world, utopian auction house prices or fishing grind? No problem, there’s another way to get the sacks of fished treasure. For this you use your garrison from WoW (buy now ): Warlords of Draenor. With a fishing shack at level three, you have the chance to get out of the waters of your garrison Moonfall Carp (Alliance) or Frostdown Minnow (Horde) to fish. If you throw the fish back into the water, cave dweller enemies appear, with a low chance Sack full of fished treasures (Outland) and Sack full of fished treasures (Northrend) drop.