WoW: These five classes have benefited the most from Patch 10.0.7 so far

Pandaren Monk

The developers of WoW: Dragonflight use the upcoming update WoW Patch 10.0.7to tweak and improve the classes again. The biggest construction site is the retribution paladin, who can look forward to lots of buffs and playful improvements. However, based on the list of class changes released so far, a few other winners of Patch 10.0.7 can be identified in addition to the Retribution Paladin.

In the following, we will take a closer look at which classes these are and what buffs they get.

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The “Unholy” shows its strengths in AoE situations where other classes reach their limits due to the AoE cap. In order for a lot of area damage to occur, the unholy death knight has to focus his talents specifically on AoE. thanks to the Class changes with Patch 10.0.7 it will be easier to pick up key AoE talents right at the beginning of the tree.

epidemic has a place in the talent tree Unholy Blight swapped and slipped into the fourth row. The devs are also looking to bolster talents that might make a Death Coil build a reality with the patch. For example increased harbinger of doom now also the damage of the next use of death mantle by a whopping 20%.

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The list of changes to Frost playstyle doesn’t read that long, but the changes are no less significant. The Frost Death Knight benefits from that Merciless winter, Frostreaper and the passive effect of Power of the frozen wasteland removed from the talent tree and simply become standard skills in the Frost repertoire. The additional talents allow for more build variations.

WoW: These five classes benefit the most from patch 10.0.7 so far (2)
Source: Blizzard

The fog weaver has already been helped a lot and also Patch 10.0.7 further buffs the Mistweaver’s abilities. The problem child of the Monk style of play is the Windwalker, which does fantastic AoE damage, but lags far behind in single-target damage compared to other damage dealers.

Buffs to Inner Peace, Rising Sun Kick, and Faeline Harmony cause the Windwalker’s single target damage to be slightly improved. While not all Windwalkers are satisfied with it, it’s not far behind and not only does the Windwalker shine against multiple opponents, but it can also become one of the best single-target specs.

WoW: These five classes benefit the most from patch 10.0.7 so far (3)

WoW: These five classes benefit the most from patch 10.0.7 so far (3)
Source: Blizzard

Warlocks have very weak Cap Stone talents in their class tree, but patch 10.0.7 will change that. The damage from soul keeper is literally doubled and Inquisitor’s gaze deals a whopping 270 percent more damage. Unused talents fly out of the tree and new talents like Sargerei Technique and Socrethar’s Guile provide more single target damage.

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Affliction Sorcerer benefit from that Teachings of Xavian becomes a default skill and new talents like Dark Virtuosity (increases Shadow Bolt/Spiral damage by 15/30%) increase single target damage. A new talent called Kindled Malice is also available for either more AoE or single target damage, which increases the damage of Baleful Euphoria/Seeds of Corruption by 8/15 percent.

However, the strongest buffs are given to the demonologistwhose tyrant over rule of tyranny is buffed further. The talent increases your damage Demonic tyrant by 50% (in addition to the already existing damage buff). A new talent called Immutable Hatred gives your Felguard even more single-target damage when their Legion Strike only hits a single target. In addition, the proc chance of Pact of the Imp Mother increased to 8/15% (from 5/10%).

The demonologist is also properly supported in AoE damage. The effect of guillotine now only lasts six seconds instead of eight, but deals 200 percent more damage!

WoW: These five classes benefit the most from patch 10.0.7 so far (4)

WoW: These five classes benefit the most from patch 10.0.7 so far (4)
Source: Blizzard

In the Shaman’s talent tree, some talents are swapping places, bringing DpS, Utility, and Totem talents closer together. In the shaman tree, the lightning strike, which is important for all three ways of playing, is also buffed and previously weak skills such as Poison Cleansing Totem are reinforced.

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The Restoration Shaman also has a few talents that become standard abilities. Among other things, you will receive water shield and some Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning damage modifiers, increasing mana regeneration and further increasing damage dealt. This opens up opportunities for new talents to enhance your Healing Tide Totem or improve the effectiveness of your Manaquell Totem.

A weakness of the restoration shaman so far is the area healing apart from strong totem cooldowns. In order to make the ability for group healing via chain heal an option, the PvP talent Tidebringer moved to the recovery tree. Every 8 seconds, your next Chain Heal cast time is reduced by 50% and jump range is increased by 100%. Maximum 2 charges.

Patch 10.0.7 is basically the Retribution patch. In our large overview WoW (buy now ): Retribution Paladin – you can look forward to thatwe’ve already reviewed many of the changes to the Paladin’s DpS playstyle and typing these lines is another slide buffs added. Buffs for the other Paladin styles of play are also added via the Paladin tree.

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To counteract paladin dying, you have the option of skilling Sanctified Plates in the paladin tree, which increases your armor by 20 percent and your stamina by 10 percent. In addition, you suffer 10 percent less damage from area effects from the talent. The retaliator gets for more defensive Divine protection as a standard ability and has an additional option in the Retribution tree Shield of Vengeance to choose.