AEW Fight Forever: Release date of the wrestling game may have been leaked

AEW Fight Forever: Is CM Punk Kicked Out Of The Wrestling Game Now?  (1)

For some time fans of All elite wrestling on the release of AEW: Fight Forever. Although the wrestling game has been on everyone’s lips since the beginning of the league in 2019, the title has not yet been released and a release date has not been announced. Kenny Omega, one of AEW’s EVPs, revealed in a podcast interview that the recent title move was based on an attempt to trim content from the game. The goal, a teen rating from the ESRB to obtain, one could thus achieve.

When is AEW: Fight Forever coming?

Now a date has appeared on the web, which could possibly give an indication of when the first video game from AEW will be launched. According to Best Buy, this is how the game should be played March 31, 2023 appear. This date has not yet been officially confirmed. Wrestletalk also emphasizes that Andrew Zarian had previously spoken of a release in the second quarter.

Additionally, the website points out that if Fight Forever were indeed released in March, two major wrestling games would be released in the same month. Finally scheduled on March 14th WWE 2K23 come on the market. Whether you actually want to face this competition in the current position of AEW is a completely different matter. It remains to be seen when Yuke’s game will finally appear on PC, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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