Atomic Heart: New mods change FOV and add support for DLAA

Atomic Heart: New mods change FOV and add support for DLAA

from Sarah Petzold
A few days after the release of Atomic Heart, the first mod for the Unreal Engine 4 game has appeared, which includes various graphic adjustments. Fans can look forward to new FOV modes and DLAA support, among other things.

A few days ago, Atomic Heart, one of the most discussed shooters of the year, was released. Not only the setting of the game provides a topic for discussion, but also the technology. The latter can now be customized by fans thanks to several mods – the Unreal Engine 4, on the basis of which Atomic Heart was developed, makes it possible.

Various quality-of-life improvements including walking mode

For fans who have been bothered by the field of view of the shooter, the mod called Custom Field of View finally provides a remedy. The mod changes the viewing angle of the camera and thus provides a better overview. To install the mod, users must download the unzipped file into the folder AtomicHeartContentPaks postpone. Incidentally, Mundfish has already announced that it intends to add a FOV slider to the options menu itself in a forthcoming patch. Until then, the mod brings a quick solution.

The QoL Tweaks Mod also makes changes to the FOV, which also improves the animations in the 30fps cutscenes and adds a walk mode. The latter allows players to explore the world of Atomic Heart

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Finally, there is a third mod that allows adjustments to Atomic Heart’s graphics. The DLSSTweaks Mod includes a DLL file that allows players to force the DLAA technique in DLSS games such as Mundfish’s Shooter. In order for the mod to work, you need to unzip it to the same folder as the AtomicHeart-***-Shipping.exe file (AtomicHeartBinariesWinGDK or AtomicHeartBinariesWin64). A corresponding change to the dlsstweaks.ini (ForceDLAA) file is also required.

Source: DSOGaming