Dead Space: Part 2 and 3 as a remake? EA wants to know if you’re interested

Dead Space: Part 2 and 3 as a remake?  EA wants to know if you're interested

Electronic Arts wants to know if fans are also interested in remakes of dead space 2 and dead space 3 would be interested.

The publisher is currently interviewing selected players (via ResetEra) after how interested they would be in a “similar remake” to part one.

Mixed opinions

Given the success of the Dead Space remake, this question comes as no surprise. However, some of the users would like to see “some changes” in part three.

“DS2 is a must-read, but frankly, 3 excites me even more. The setting and story is top-notch, and the writer of the first remake could easily correct the sloppy characterizations and storylines,” writes one.

More news about Dead Space:

Others, however, would prefer a completely new Dead Space.

What would be at the top of your wish list? A new Dead Space or just remakes of the second and third parts? Or just all of it?

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