Diablo 3: Use 3 simple achievements for your Season 28 Season Journey

Diablo 3 Season Journey S28 Rewards

Season 28 Season Journey in Diablo 3 requires you to complete 3 achievements. We’ll show you how to solve this quickly and earn the pet as a reward.

What are these achievements? In the season journey of season 28 (you can open it with Shift+J) you will find the task “Flawless Victory” in the Guardian category. For this you should complete three seasonal achievements.

Here we show you three simple achievements in the overview.

Why should you buy the seasonal trip?

That’s why it’s worth it: For completing the full season journey, you will receive two portrait frames and one companion:

Which achievements should you take?

You have to consider this: In general, it comes down to your playstyle and skill level to determine which are the easiest achievements for you this season. We find the ones we show here to be simple.

Demon of Speed

What are you supposed to do there? You should complete a Nephalem Rift of at least X difficulty in under 2 minutes.

How does it work? Once you’ve put together your core build, you’re ready to begin this task. This can be done early in the season. It’s best to set a timer and see how long it currently takes you to complete such a portal. Then do a run without collecting loot (after closing the portal you have 30 seconds to go back in and collect the loot) and time the timer. If you’re playing a fast build, the timing on Qual X shouldn’t be a problem at all.

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Add a bit of luck to that. Depending on the dungeon, this timer run is easier or more difficult. Still one of the easiest achievements.

Check out our tier list for Season 28 for quick builds for your class.

mineral collection

What are you supposed to do there? Upgrade 3 legendary gems to level 65.

How does it work? For this achievement, all you have to do is grind Greater Rifts and upgrade the gems at the end. Even with the gifted starter sets from Season 28, you should be able to get so high in Greater Rifts that you can upgrade the stones so much.

boss mode

What are you supposed to do there? You have 20 minutes to kill the bosses listed.

How does it work? If you have a group, this achievement is even easier. In the Diablo 3 boss mode guide, we explained exactly how you should split up. This is how achievement becomes success.

Bonus: Cursed and Stitched Up

What are you supposed to do there? You should kill at least 350 enemies at level 70 and at least Torment X in a chest event.

How does it work? We’ll show you this achievement as a bonus if you don’t like one of the above. For this achievement you only have to find the “right” chest and preferably have a few other players by your side. You can find out where the chest is located in our Cursed and Stitched Up guide.