Diablo 3: Your favorite class for Season 28 – you have chosen

Diablo 3: Your favorite class for Season 28 - you have chosen

Which is your favorite class in Diablo 3 Season 28 and which one hardly gets any love from you? Here we show you how you voted.

What’s going on in Diablo 3? The new Season 28 has been running for a few days with a new seasonal theme and some balance changes. The Monk has had major adjustments to its abilities. Also, Demon Hunters got a decent buff on the GoD set.

Even before the beginning of the chapter, we asked you which class you will play as. Here we evaluate your results.

Who is your favorite class?

How you voted: We started the poll for you a few days ago and so far 1,200 people have voted (as of February 26th at 08:30). The result is quite clear for one class: Your favorite class is by far the demon hunter.

  1. Demon Hunter with 440 Votes – Corresponds to ~37%
  2. Wizard with 209 Votes – Corresponds to ~17%
  3. Necromancer with 137 votes – Corresponds to ~ 11%
  4. Barbarian with 136 votes – Corresponds to ~ 11%
  5. Monk with 131 Votes – Corresponds to ~ 11%
  6. Witch Doctor with 91 votes – Corresponds to ~ 8%
  7. Crusader with 56 votes – Equivalent to ~ 5%

This is noticeable: The selection of the demon hunter leads the survey results far ahead. The buffs that the class received just before the start of the season may also play a role. Because the GoD set now does a bonus of 27,500% more damage to primary skills instead of just 15,000%. Because the set is also Haedrig’s starter set, you can get off to a solid start in the Greater Rifts. Such a comfortable start could be an incentive for some players to get started with the DH.

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Shortly behind, in second place, is the magician. With a look at the tier list of Season 28, it quickly becomes clear that this class offers a lot of potential in the Greater Rifts. Due to the different sets you have varied playing styles with hydras or a shower of meteors. Magicians travel quickly and are also welcome in groups.

who lost The crusader brings up the rear of the vote. Closely followed by the witch doctor. Unsurprisingly, since this picture has been drawing this way for many seasons. In S24, S25, S26 and S27 the two also ended up in the last places.

In between, when there were new sets for them, they gained popularity. But the other classes just go down better with you.

Which class did you choose at the start of Season 28 and did you stick with it or do you already have secondary characters? Write us your experience here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other players.