Directly in PS Plus: Tchia must have Zelda fans in the notebook

Tchia lands straight into PS Plus on March 21st.

Tchia lands straight into PS Plus on March 21st.

During the State of Play, Sony not only announced the new PS Plus games for March, but also had a nice surprise in store. The open world adventure Tchia, in which we explore a group of islands in the South Pacific in the role of a little girl in search of her missing father, can be played by anyone with an extra or premium subscription directly to the release.

Since we really liked the first version of the colorful single-player adventure from developer Awaceb, with its Zelda charm and wonderful dash of black humor, we want to introduce Tchia to you in more detail today

Here is the most important information about Tchia at a glance:

  • Platforms: PS4, PS5 and PC
  • release: March 21st
  • Genre: Open world adventure
  • Language: French, Drehu (German subtitles)

So that you are in the picture, you can watch the new trailer for the game here:

Here you can watch fresh gameplay for Tchia.


Here you can watch fresh gameplay for Tchia.

A magical girl on a beautiful island

That’s what it’s about: You play little Tchia, whose father was kidnapped and kidnapped by a cruel tyrant named Meavora. To rescue him, she travels in open-world fashion on foot, by boat, or hanging from a paraglider through a colorful archipelago modeled after the real-life New Caledonia (South Pacific).

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Incidentally, the culture of New Caledonia not only plays an important role visually. All residents also speak either French or Drehu, the language of the locals, and the culture of the region in eastern Australia is also celebrated musically.

A real shapeshifter: Tchia is a literally magical young girl, as she can transform into any object or creature, such as a cat, a bird, or even a simple rock or oil lamp.

Here we turned into a cat and cleaned up the table a bit.

Here we turned into a cat and “tidied up” the table a bit.

Fond memories of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Tchia is certainly not a simple Zelda clone, but it is not only reminiscent of his colorful game world of Link’s recent adventure.

Freedoms of a sandbox game world: Similar to Breath of the Wild, we can climb any surface in Tchia, which works until the girl runs out of breath or stamina. Apart from that, the game world is extremely interactive in the style of a sandbox and we can play tricks with many objects in transformed form – as in the picture above as a cat.

In an interview with developer Awaceb, we were also told that Tchia, similar to Zelda, tells an epic story based on childhood fantasies.

More information about Tchia in the GamePro preview

Colleague Samara was able to play the beginning of Tchia in a preview version and wrote down her experiences with the South Pacific adventure in a detailed article. In their preview you will also learn more about the special humor of the game and also how the tasks in the game are designed.

Are you excited for Tchia and will you play it once it comes to PS Plus?