Fan Remake: Super Star Trek meets Star Trek: 25th Anniversary

Fan Remake: Super Star Trek meets Star Trek: 25th Anniversary

from Tim Rantzau
Developer Emanuele Bolognesi reimagines the classic Super Star Trek from 1978 and expands it with UI elements from Star Trek: 25th Anniversary. Fans of Captain Kirk and the Enterprise can play the remake for free through their browser on the indie platform

Fans of Captain Kirk and Co. can play and enjoy the popular 1978 game Super Star Trek in a heavily revised audiovisual version thanks to the programmer Emanuele Bolognesi. Super Star Trek 25th is a remake/conversion of the strategy game Super Star Trek developed by Bob Leedom and David Ahl and first published in the 1978 book BASIC Computer Games. Bolognesi returned to this title and reworked it with the visual elements and user interface of the 1992 game Star Trek: 25th Anniversary.

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“The result is Super Star Trek, but played on the bridge of the Enterprise,” Bolognesi said in a blog post. “In short, you’re playing the strategy game on the main screen of the Enterprise, but you’re giving orders by interacting with Sulu, Chekov, Spock, Scott, and Uhura. Additionally, I’ve added original voice-overs from the TV series to make things even more nostalgic. ” The game mechanics are kept very simple and clear. The overall goal is to find and destroy a Klingon invasion fleet before time runs out.

The game randomly selects a starting position on a 64-square grid between which the Enterprise can move freely and attack Klingon ships at will. During combat, the player manages the ship’s power supply, ramps up shields, or fires photon torpedoes. After the fight, the Klingons fight back and the Enterprise may be partially damaged, requiring a starbase to be repaired. The fan project can be played in the browser for free via the platform.

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