Hogwarts Legacy fan expands Vivarium to the pain limit – enthusiastic community

The vivarium looks like an abandoned ruin in the forest.

The vivarium looks like an abandoned ruin in the forest.

In the meantime, the Hogwarts Legacy Vivarium has become the counterpart to the islands from Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Gamers from all over the world share their creations on social media, each one more impressive than the next.

Reddit user ThyIronFist has now posted such a vivarium. In 13 pictures he proudly shows what he has built with great attention to detail. See for yourself what an impressive vivarium he has constructed.

Hogwarts legacy vivarium looks impressive

The vivarium looks like a crumbling ruin in the forest, made up of a few walls, towers, stairs and statues. The player has also independently built trees, puddles, flowers and paths in this way. This makes the vivarium appear as if it had been designed by the development team themselves.

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Unfortunately, the Hogwarts Legacy fan doesn’t reveal how many hours it took him to build the ruins.

Because he has reached the maximum number of placeable objectswe can assume that it must have been a few hours.

What are vivariums for? The vivariums are not just for decoration. The captured animals that we have to protect from poachers can be housed in them. We have several vivariums with different biomes at our disposal.

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How do I unlock the Vivarium? The vivariums can be entered via the Room of Requirement. The room unlocks after around 12 hours. Then we will receive a message from Professor Weasley through which we can unlock the room and the vivarium.

Another user has built a ruined village from his beach area. He shows off his artwork in a short video, which also includes the beasts he captured in the game walking around. It took him around 40 hours to create such a detailed vivarium.

Not every user is so creative

Among the comments, a lot of positive comments are accumulating, praising the player’s work. Many are so honest and admit that they usually only have the most necessary items in the vivarium so that the animals don’t starve or die of boredom.

One user jokingly calls the vivarium Animal Crossing: Room of Desires. The vivarium can be designed with a similar level of detail as the islands from Animal Crossing: New Horizons. So we can be curious what great creations will be uploaded in the next few days.

Be honest: how detailed does your vivarium look in Hogwarts Legacy?