Hogwarts Legacy Players Begin Finding Gameplay Repetitive

Hogwarts Legacy Players Begin Finding Gameplay Repetitive

Hogwarts Legacy has sold more than 12 million copies, racking up more than $850 million in revenue. It was also confirmed that players had collectively spent over 250 million hours in the game.

However, despite this immense commercial success, some players find the game a bit repetitive. The user of Reddit, AdDry7269wrote: “This game really has issues with ‘It was great the first time’. I love the game but it really has trouble finding something great the first time and then watching it over and over again. I’ve seen Peeves juggling and sliding down the stairs a lot now. Although in my opinion, the most annoying are the knights. I thought it was cool to see the knight kill the other, but now it happens basically every time. And I have been very disappointed to find that different gentlemen in the school do the same thing. I thought it was exclusive to the golden knights, but it only happened to those outside the Great Hall”.

Some agreed with the user. SmellAccomplished550 added: “What you say seems correct. That’s why everyone here complains about Ignatia Wildsmith’s lines. They just didn’t take or have the time to generate enough variety throughout”, while 7i1i2i6 said: “I felt this hard a few days ago before I finished. Much of it was impressive in terms of world-building, but the repetition of puzzles, a stilted, simple story, the lack of consequential choices, all of it bored me a little for the last third or so. I almost didn’t realize it was game over”.

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Fans agree that the prize for completing the 95 Trials of Merlin is not worth the effort required to achieve it. Hogwarts Legacy 2 could happen as confirmed by its creators and so far it has been a success that has even surpassed sales at its launch than Elden Ring in the United Kingdom.