Intel Arc A750: Large shipment to France, better availability in the EU?

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from Valentin Sattler
After Intel reduced the price of the Arc A750, a large number of graphics cards have now been delivered to a French dealer. This suggests that the delivery situation in the EU will continue to improve. At the same time, the lowering of the RRP was well received by the market.

With Intel’s Ark graphics cards, the company dared to enter the desktop market last year. However, the launch of the models was sluggish and was accompanied by driver problems and a lack of availability. While the drivers have been continuously improved since the release, availability now also seems to be progressing: Apparently Intel is currently delivering larger quantities, at least of the Arc A750.

More graphics cards for less money

According to the Videocardz website, this is at least supported by the French retailer PC21, where the number of available graphics cards can be viewed publicly. According to this, 1,233 Arc A750 graphics cards in the reference design are stored there, whereas only 37 pieces of the Arc A770 are in stock. This supports the assumption that Intel can currently supply more graphics cards and that availability should generally improve in the near future.

At the same time, the Arc A750 graphics cards have also undergone a positive development in terms of price: After Intel reduced the MSRP of the graphics card from 279 to 249 US dollars on February 1, the price went down significantly. The model is now available from 249 euros/US dollars in the USA and Europe, and the model is also cheaper in the PCGH price comparison. At that time, at least 299 euros were required, but the model is currently available for 269 euros. This puts the Arc A750 on par with the Geforce RTX 3050 in terms of price, whereas Intel actually chose the RTX 3060 as the competing model.

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Price history: Intel Arc A750

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In the end, of course, it doesn’t matter who is chosen as the alleged competitor, but how the graphics card performs in practice. Intel should still have a lot of work to do in the coming months in order to come within striking distance of AMD and Nvidia with the driver. If that succeeds, companies could actually establish themselves as a sensible, third option in the graphics card market in the long term.

Source: Overclock3D / Videocardz