Kerbal Space Program 2: Launch on Steam sucks

Kerbal Space Program 2 is preparing for a successful Steam launch

from Sarah Petzold
Although Kerbal Space Program 2 was one of the most requested games on Steam in February 2023, the launch on Valve’s platform was far from ideal. In any case, the user ratings speak volumes.

Among simulation fans, Kerbal Space Program is considered one of the best space games ever. The community then eagerly awaited the successor, Kerbal Space Program 2, which started on February 24, 2023 in Early Access on Steam. However, the sequel obviously didn’t quite meet the high expectations of the fans.

Despite early access: the game is “unfinished crap”, say fans

Because after the release, almost 26,000 players were playing Kerbal Space Program 2 at the same time, this number plummeted pretty quickly and halved within 24 hours. On Sunday morning, only 6,000 players were playing the Early Access title at the same time. The average user rating is currently “Balanced”: Out of 7,030 reviews, only 51 percent are positive – and there’s a clear reason for that.

The fans mainly complain about how unfinished the game is. Even for an Early Access title, there are too many bugs and too little content, which is why the reviews consider the price of 50 euros for Kerbal Space Program 2 to be a rip-off. A German player named (bRC) f!r3fOx_ sums up the problems of KSP 2 as follows [alle Fehler im Original, Anm. d. Red.]:

“The flair is missing. The sociability. The musical accompaniment doesn’t help either. It’s choppy. All in all it doesn’t feel right. I can’t understand what has been developed over the years. Allegedly, many parts have been made taken over from the predecessor. But it doesn’t feel like it. The developers of the first part are on board. They must have felt that this isn’t really consistent. Didn’t they make any comparisons to the first part. Is that what they intend to do? Haven’t tested the EA yourself? You can’t live so far behind the moon (Mun) that you don’t realize that there’s no comparison to KSP 1?”

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So one thing is certain: If fans have their way, the developers still have a lot of work to do to make Kerbal Space Program 2 a game that the community can consider a worthy sequel. It is to be hoped that the team will be able to meet these demands in the long term and solve the technical and content-related problems of the simulation.

Source: Steam, SteamDB