Moore Threads: New GPU driver doubles number of supported games

Moore Threads MTT S80: New China graphics card can be pre-ordered - but only together with a mainboard

from Yusuf Hatic
The graphics cards developed in China by Moore Threads have a new driver: This promises twice as many supported games as before. However, DirectX 11 tessellation is still not in the feature list.

So far, the graphics cards from the Chinese manufacturer Moore Threads have not had an easy time: the benchmarks in programs such as 3DMark or games such as Crysis are too weak. Even if the listing of the technical data with 4,096 FP32-ALUs with a clock of 1.8 GHz, 16 GiB video memory or 14.4 TFLOPS computing power reads quite appealing, the number of supported games and features is still too small in addition to the benchmarks , to represent a serious alternative to Nvidia, AMD or now also Intel. At least: Moore Threads cannot be accused of a lack of willingness to work, after all the company has released a new driver with version 201.21.

Moore Threads MTT S80: Crysis runs at least partially, benchmarks for the China graphics card

This is not only intended for the current flagship model MTT S80, but is also made available for all other GPUs such as the S10, S30, S50 and S2000/3000 series. However, the new driver will not improve the PCI Express 5.0 interface or support DirectX 11 tessellation – instead, the new Moore Threads driver primarily expands the list of supported games that are now compatible with the respective graphics cards should run smoothly.

The newly added games with Moore Threads support include games like Terraria, Dead Cells, Hades or Hollow Knight. In addition to Chinese in-house productions, there are also – at least at the time of release – AAA games like Battlefield 2 or Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. Like the user who is also active in the PCGHX forum Fire dwarf on Twitter confirmed, driver 201.21 also brings performance improvements in individual cases: In the Unigine Heaven DX11 benchmark without active anti-aliasing, at least 18 percentage points more are achieved.

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However, even after the most recent driver update, it remains to be seen that the graphics cards from Moore Threads are still far behind the established manufacturers. In addition to the sparse list of features and games, the number of compatible hardware is still too small to be considered a real alternative: In order to get one of the Moore Threads GPUs running, the system must have at least one Intel processor of the 10th generation can be installed, while on the AMD side, a maximum of Zen 3 processors are supported – there is no trace of support for the current Zen 4 generation around Ryzen 7000.

Source: Moore Threads