Netflix announces price cuts in select regions

Netflix releases account sharing framework

from Andrew Link
Netflix announces price cuts in select regions. Exactly where is still unclear. The background is probably that one would like to see increasing numbers of subscribers, but also faces increasing competition on the streaming market.

Netflix has confirmed that it will cut prices in some regions. The purpose of the move is to continue growing subscribers while facing increasing competition from the big players in Hollywood. When Netflix announced its last quarterly figures, it only promised investors that it would increase sales. After you already had a few price rounds behind you, you took action against account sharing.

In Europe, Portugal and Spain are the first to be affected; overseas it is Canada and New Zealand. If you share your account across households in Spain and Portugal, you have to pay an additional fee of 5.99 euros per household. That’s significantly more than in the Latin American test markets, where the surcharge is the equivalent of 2 to 3 euros. When other countries will follow is probably only a matter of time. Whether the additional fee will be introduced everywhere remains uncertain. For many, however, the greater annoyance is that users have to identify themselves with their home network on a regular basis. As an exception, there are time-limited tokens that can be requested from support.

Whether falling prices will come to Germany can only be guessed at the moment. In Germany, the premium subscription for Netflix costs 17.99 euros and then offers UHD on up to 4 devices at the same time. For 12.99 euros there is FHD and 2 devices at the same time; for 7.99 euros then only HD on one device at the same time. There is also the small subscription with advertising for 4.99 euros – but that also offers less content in the catalogue.

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Source: Reuters