New MMORPG from Germany does without shop and subscription – bet that players will finance it anyway

5 new MMORPGs were presented last week and two sound really promising

This week, New World released its roadmap, Throne and Liberty its publisher, and NetEase its idea for an all-new MMORPG. There is also news about WoW, FFXIV and some indie games again.

The highlight of the week:

The excitement of the week: Throne and Liberty is the MMORPG hope for 2023 and now officially has a publisher in the West. Amazon takes over, but not everyone likes it.

The discussion of the week: YouTuber Bellular has been critical of affixes, even claiming they’re ruining Mythic+. Do you also see it like that? Feel free to write it in the comments.

The week in the podcast: In their own podcast MMO News, Alexander Leitsch and Mark Sellner are again talking about the most important news about MMORPGs this week. Topics included the new Guild Wars 2 and New World roadmaps, the release dates of Throne and Liberty and Aion Classic, as well as over 5 indie MMORPGs.

You can watch the podcast on Apple, YouTube or listen here on Spotify:

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This is what happened in the big MMORPGs:

This is what happened with the small MMORPGs:

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More videos

This is what happened with the MMORPGs in development:

This is the MMORPG news of the week at a glance. What was your personal highlight? Did you experience anything else interesting this week that you would like to share? Or have we perhaps forgotten something important? Write it to us in the comments here at MeinMMO.

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