One Piece Manga: The new chapter is like Among Us

Who is the imposter?  This is the question the straw hat gang has to ask itself.

Who is the imposter? This is the question the straw hat gang has to ask itself.

One Piece and Among Us, do they even go together? Actually! The plot of the new chapter from the One Piece manga looks like a game Among Us. We’ll tell you who got it and who the possible imposter could be.

Warning, spoilers! The article contains information from the new manga chapter of One Piece.

The One Piece crew plays Among Us

Why is? In the new chapter, Luffy and his crew are stuck in a barrier dome on Egghead Island. The barrier dome was not supposed to activate and now serves as a trap for the Straw Hat Gang.

The surveillance cameras used by the Vegapunk satellite Shaka in his command center to keep track are gradually switched off. Communication with others is also disrupted.

What are the satellites? dr Vegapunk has divided itself into six different satellites in order to be able to handle the workload of its research. Each of the satellites is numbered, acts independently, and has a personality trait of the real Dr. Get Vegapunk. Their names are Shaka, Lilith, Edison, Pythagoras, Atlas and York.

So, like in Among Us, there is actually a scammer up to mischief. Looking for Dr. Vegapunk discover Usopp, Franky, York and Lilith of the fourth Vegapunk satellite Pythagoras. He lies motionless on the ground like in the Among Us game and the others try to report the find to the command center.

One One Piece fan immediately recognized the parallels and, just for fun, added the appropriate symbols from Among Us to the images:

link to Twitter content

The funny thing is, the official Among Us Twitter account promptly responded to the images. The development team would be very happy to collaborate with mangaka Eiichiro Oda sometime in the future.

Now who is the imposter?Unfortunately, it is not yet clear in the current chapter who is trying to kill the Straw Hat gang. The humanoid weapons called Seraphim that caused the attack on Pythagoras actually only act on the orders of one of Dr. towards Vegapunk. But all attempts to stop the Seraphim fail.

This means that the Seraphim must have already received an order from one of the Vegapunk satellites. One of the satellites could therefore be the imposter you are looking for. At least that explains why the straw hat gang was so professionally sabotaged. It is not yet clear who exactly the scammer is.

What do you think: who could be the scammer?