Pokémon GO: Day 2 of the Hoenn Tour – 5 things you should do today

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In Pokémon GO, the 2nd day of the Hoenn tour is running today and thus your last chance for the time being to meet one or the other strong specimen. We at MeinMMO will show you what things you should definitely do today before the event ends.

Which event is it about? Today, February 26, 2023, the second event day of the big Hoenn tour takes place in Pokémon GO. Just like at the start of the event on Saturday, you can encounter a lot of Pokémon today.

But you should definitely take some content with you before the event ends. We have summarized below which 5 things these are and what you should bear in mind.

Click here for our live ticker about the Hoenn tour.

1. Prepare for the proto-raids

One of the most interesting content of the GO Tour is the new proto-raids with Kyogre and Groudon. Both were already in the game on the first day of the event. But the experience of many coaches shows that these are not so easy to achieve. That’s why you should prepare something before today’s raids:

Strong counters: If you want to take on Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon, make sure you have the right counters with you. Make sure that they have effective attacks against the two raid bosses and are leveled up to the maximum if possible. If you want to change attacks, you can do that with the help of Instant or Charged TMs.

You can read which monsters and movesets you should best use in battle in the following articles:

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Create teams: Before you move into the next proto-raid, you should put together strong teams against the two raid bosses. This is easily done by clicking on “Combat” in the menu and then swiping on the “Team” tab.

There you have the option to set a team using the “Arenas & Raids” button. Give this a name and add the desired monsters. You can then use it for the next raid simply by swiping sideways in the Pokémon preview in the raid lobby.

This is how you define teams

Make a date for raids: The proto-raids are pretty tough, which is why you need a lot of support from other trainers for the fights. Especially for Kyogre you should easily plan 6 players. The more you are, the faster you have defeated the raid boss and can look forward to more proto-energy in addition to an encounter with the monster.

You need this in order to develop your own proto-form. How much you get depends on how quickly the raid boss was defeated. If you are fast, you also get more energy. So it’s worth making an appointment with friends. In local raids, you will also receive an additional XL candy from trainer level 31 when caught.

2. Play multiple raids

Proto Raids: During the Hoenn Tour, you can meet Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon for the first time. Both will be available in the new proto-raids and are among the strongest attackers of their type. However, in order to carry out a protomorphosis yourself, you need a lot of proto-energy.

A single raid is not enough for this, because you need 400 proto-energy per monster. Depending on how fast you complete a raid, you can sometimes get 90 Proto-Energy as a reward – so it takes some fighting to fill up your supply.

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However, the two legendary Pokémon will initially be found exclusively on the Hoenn tour. So if you want to secure your own Primal Kyogre or Primal Groudon, you should do so today before the end of the event. It is currently unknown when they will next appear in the game.

By the way: In order to progress in the special research “Legend Hunt”, you have to catch Groudon and Kyogre. The Hoenn Tour offers you the last opportunity to do this for the time being.

Level 5 Raids: If you already have enough of Kyogre and Groudon, you can alternatively secure the legendary Pokémon Deoxys in the level 5 raids. This will be found in the game in its various forms. But you only have time for this until the end of the event.

3. Complete the Collector’s Challenge

In Pokémon GO, you have four different collector challenges to solve during the Hoenn Tour. You can find this in your today view of the game. They revolve around the wild Pokémon from the different habitats.

You were able to start with these tasks yesterday. If you haven’t completed it yet, you should definitely do so today, otherwise the rewards will expire. Don’t forget to redeem them before the end of the event. You have to catch the following Pokémon:

habitat wanted Pokemon
Glowing sand femme
Eerie fog walking pond
green earth dude carbor
slow z
Historical Coast hydropi
perch swine

Just like yesterday, the habitats will change every hour, which is why you will have two chances to encounter these monsters. Here we show you when which habitat runs and which spawns it brings you.

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4. Earn 10km Eggs

During the event you can not only encounter changed spawns and cool raid bosses, but also special content in the eggs. The rare 10 km eggs are particularly worthwhile, because they contain three of the 9 regional monsters from the Hoenn region:

These can usually only be found in other parts of the world and can therefore only be obtained by traveling far outside of certain events. That’s why you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Hatch Eggs and spin Event Eggs at Gyms and PokéStops.

You have unlimited time to hatch after the event. With a bit of luck, you can even encounter the three monsters as Shiny.

5. Use encounters with other legendary monsters

Besides the legendary monsters in the raids, with a bit of luck you can also encounter two specimens in the wild: Latias and Latios. Depending on whether you chose Team Sapphire or Team Ruby, you will see one of the two Psychic Pokémon in the wild.

But beware! The two monsters are really tough because they are not that easy to catch. Often you only have one try. If this doesn’t work, they flee. So it’s best to use hyperballs and golden raspberries to catch them and land fabulous curveball throws.

Also, don’t forget to take a picture of them. You can get a guaranteed copy by completing the “Latias/Latios Photo Safari” task.

Have you already been busy doing proto-raids? How did they work out? And which content do you want to use extensively again before the end of the Hoenn tour? Let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers.

Yesterday, trainers kept struggling with server problems with raids and spawns. Let’s hope the game goes better on the 2nd day of the event.