Pokemon GO: Explore 1 km to Hoenn tour not working? That’s how it’s done

Pokemon GO: Explore 1 km to Hoenn tour not working?  That's how it's done

In Pokémon GO there is currently the task “Explore 1 km”, but sometimes trainers report problems. How do you solve this?

During the current Hoenn tour in Pokémon GO you will get the new special research “Legendenjad”.

Both level 3 and level 4 of research require you to solve various tasks, including: “Explore 1 km”.

The wording varies a bit from the usual “walk 1 kilometer” or “run 1 kilometer” and at the same time creates problems. For example, some trainers report that they ran a kilometer but did not complete the task.

Trainers report issues with Explore 1km – How to fix it

What is the problem? Some trainers, such as the Pokémon GO subreddit TheSilphRoad, share their experiences with the task. A user asks what he did wrong because the task does not want to be solved despite a long walk (via reddit).

Other coaches agree:

  • “The challenge is definitely flawed. I had to walk a few kilometers on both sides before the one kilometer was registered” (via reddit).
  • “I had to walk several miles to do the 1k parts” (via reddit).
  • “I hatched 2km eggs before the task was complete” (via reddit).

In the past few days, trainers have repeatedly reported that the Adventure Sync feature does not work properly or that running distance is not recorded accurately. That could be related to the problem.

How do you solve the task? Despite the phrase “explore,” it’s all about running the distance. So you don’t do anything wrong if you just run and collect the distance. But it can happen that you have to walk a little more than one kilometer.

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Coaches also share tips:

  • “It helps to restart the game every once in a while to get the miles” (via reddit).
  • “I had to reboot to solve the task” (via reddit).
  • “It’s best to walk straight ahead as much as possible, back and forth is often not counted” (via reddit).

It can therefore help to choose a direct route and, if in doubt, restart the game if you want the task to be completed as quickly as possible. Over time, however, the task solves itself almost incidentally when you are running anyway.

If you have managed the one kilometer, you have to complete further task steps depending on the level. This includes spinning stops and arenas, catching specific Pokémon types, and battling Kyogre and Groudon.

However, as a reward you can expect proto-energies for the further development of one of the two monsters. Depending on your available Proto-Energy, you can perform Protomorphosis on both. This is one of the most important features of the Hoenn Tour.

More information is available here: Protomorphosis – What is it? All information about the strong development