Pokémon GO: Trainers despair of wild Latias and Latios – how to catch them?

Pokémon GO: Trainers despair of wild Latias and Latios – how to catch them?

During the Hoenn tour, you can catch Latias and Latios in Pokémon GO – in the wild and even as Shiny. But the catch is very difficult for some coaches.

During the current Hoenn tour not only Primal Kyogre, Primal Groudon and Deoxys are available as legendary monsters. The two monsters Latias and Latios are also among the highlights of the event.

The special feature: You can even meet them in the wild, and there is also a chance of a shiny. In addition, you can at least once secure another encounter from a limited research by capturing a wild specimen in a snapshot.

But in the course of the event, it turns out that the two are still not easy to get.

Some flee, others eat balls – The problem with Latias and Latios

This is what makes the catch so difficult: Several coaches share their experiences with Latias and Latios during the GO Tour on social media. While the wild Legendary Pokemon feature is well received in its own right, there are two major problems.

Normal latias and latios: The two “normal” variants of Latias and Latios can be encountered more often, but also have the quirk of running away very quickly if they are not caught right away in the first ball. This is reminiscent of the 3 legendary Galar birds – they are also characterized by a high escape rate if you don’t catch them directly.

This problem can be solved at least once by getting the guaranteed encounter via snapshot. The monster can’t escape.

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A big problem arises with the Shinys, of all things.

Shiny Latias and Latios: You can meet the dazzling variants in the wild, and actually that’s good news – Shinys generally can’t flee. Nevertheless, trainers report a difficult catch, because the two shiny monsters can take an extremely large number of balls before they are caught.

Some trainers really despair and even experience that the monsters don’t flee, but they run out of Poké Balls or they just give up at some point.

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Trainers report on this in various threads:

  • “After throwing about 10, I thought the game was bugged. I must have used about 30 Hyper Balls and that finally caught it. There really should be an amplifier for consecutive excellent pitches” (via reddit).
  • “I used about 70 Hyper Balls and Razzberries, then switched to Super Balls and lost 40,” reports another (via reddit): “I caught it after 20 minutes and more than 150 balls.”
  • “I needed 24 balls and golden raspberries” (via reddit).

However, it can also be faster. In the editorial office, we also found a catch that worked after 7 hyperballs, but also one that needed almost 30 balls.

When in doubt, the motto here is: show patience. How was your experience with the two monsters during the GO Tour? Tell us in the comments.

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Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon are also not guaranteed catches and can escape. This is particularly annoying if you have previously completed the hard raid.

You want to know what’s currently going on at the Hoenn Tour? Check out the live ticker for Sunday’s Hoenn tour here.