Pokemon: Journey of Dreams shows a teaser trailer

Pokemon: Journey of Dreams shows a teaser trailer

Next week fever fans Pokemon, they will have their celebration in just one day, with the annual event promoting their next big projects, but that’s not all. Pokémon has some new stuff and we just got a look at one of those projects thanks to Pokemon: Journey of Dreams.

As you can see below, a short clip was posted online in China for the special. Pokemon: Journey of Dreams shared this new PV with Weibo fans abroad, and the adorable clip brings out a new kind of animation for the IP.

Pokemon: Journey of Dreams moves away from the 2D anime for something almost 3D. The shady anime looks great, and Pokémon shows off several familiar faces in this clip. From Lapras to Latias, there are some impressive monsters in this promo, so fans can look forward to seeing them take to the screen.

This new project has not announced plans to launch it globally. Current plans suggest this short will be exclusive to China. But when it comes to dubbing, well, The Pokemon Company hasn’t shared an international plan for this movie by any means.

Pokémon Day will be celebrated on February 27, and the event promises to update fans on all kinds of projects. So far, rumors suggest that everything from Pokemon Sleep to the next Pokemon DLC will drop some big news during the event. And as for the main anime, fans are hoping for some kind of update given that Ash’s time with the show is ending very soon.

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