Ravenbound Announced on Steam: Open World Sandbox Medieval Action RPG

Ravenbound Announced on Steam: Open World Sandbox Medieval Action RPG

from Sarah Petzold
With Ravenbound, a promising action roguelite RPG with a medieval setting will soon appear on Steam. The unusual title comes from a division of Avalanche Studios and combines hack-and-slash combat with a setting inspired by Norse mythology.

Game worlds whose setting is based on Nordic mythology and which combine medieval and fantasy elements have been all the rage since titles such as Valheim, God of War and Medieval Dynasty at the latest. The newly announced action RPG Ravenbound adds a new twist and blends hack-and-slash combat with role-playing and roguelite elements.

Roguelite with deck building elements and action combat system

Ravenbound comes from the developer Systemic Reaction, a division at Avalanche Studios, which recently had a real megahit with Hogwarts Legacy. The action roguelite puts us in the fictional fantasy world of Ávalt. We embody the spirit host of a raven, forged by the gods as a mighty weapon. Our task is to free these captive gods and restore the power of the raven.

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To do this, we’ll explore an open game world, either on foot or in the air, taking advantage of the raven’s wings. We fight against dangerous enemies like trolls, hydras and draugr using magic and different weapons. When we die, we return in a new soul host, but retain the abilities we’ve already acquired.

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In addition to action-packed battles, there is also a deck-building feature that we can use to unlock more equipment and weapons with each new life. Every time we die, we can redistribute our deck of cards, and therefore equipment, and improve our next Soul Host.

Ravenbound will be released on March 30, 2023 exclusively for PC on Steam and will cost $29.99. If you want, you can already add the game to your Steam wish list so that you can immerse yourself in the fantastic world of Ávalt and restore the raven’s power just in time for the release.

Source: press release