Read of P: RDNA 3 Showcase game release date in the new trailer

Read of P: RDNA 3 Showcase game release date in the new trailer

from Tim Rantzau
Released as part of the IGN Fan Fest, the Lies of P RPG trailer graphically captures the atmosphere of the game. In addition, the release date in August of this year is officially confirmed.

The role-playing game Lies of P in development at Neowiz Games and Round 8 Studio will be released in August this year for PC, Playstation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. A new trailer, recently released as part of IGN Fan Fest 2023, gives a taste of the game’s Bloodborne-esque atmosphere. Unfortunately, there is not much new to see about the gameplay or the mechanics of the title. As mentioned, the short trailer also confirmed the August release date.

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Already at the Gamescom Opening Night Live, a detailed gameplay trailer showed how the dark Soulslike plays. Above all, Lies of P wants to show off with a detailed game world and effective fights against all kinds of mechanical opponents, which the protagonist Pinocchio, who already looks very human, confronts with a variety of creative weapons. Nothing is known about the purchase price of the game. Microsoft already announced at the last Gamescom that Lies of P will be part of the Xbox Game Pass when it is released.

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Lies of P takes place in a dark game world inspired by the Belle Epoque, an era around the turn of the century from 1800 to 1900. The player slips into the role of the puppet Pinocchio, notorious for his lies, who tries to become a real person. The story plays an important role in Lies of P. The gameplay is based on soulslike games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls. However, lying is integrated as an important game mechanic and helps the protagonist to become more human. Weapons can be fused together, personalized and adapted to different situations. Pinocchio’s body parts should also be interchangeable. Randomly generated quests are designed to change based on choices made.

Source: Wccftech