Son reveals how his 53-year-old dad gets 1st viewer on Twitch – Has thousands of followers 1 week later

Son reveals how his 53-year-old dad gets 1st viewer on Twitch - Has thousands of followers 1 week later

Streamer Jerry “ConnMan1969” Conn enjoys playing Call of Duty on Twitch. When the 53-year-old US veteran gets his first viewer, his son shares a video of it on TikTok. The gesture went viral and attracted a lot of attention in a short time.

Who is the streamer? ConnMan1969 likes playing Warzone on Twitch because he “can play it as tactically” as he’s trained to play. He likes to play with spectators and meet new gamers – but don’t be a hardcore gamer, laugh a lot while playing.

ConnMan1969 has only been on Twitch since February 19th. Within a very short time, however, he had thousands of followers and even a few dozen subscribers – thanks to a gesture from his son.

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Son shows how dad gets his first viewer – goes viral

This is the story: Jerry’s son runs a small channel on TikTok where he takes his dad’s first steps on Twitch in just 9 seconds put on the net has. The streamer only briefly greets his first viewer.

Nevertheless, the short clip accumulated over 729,000 views within a week and was picked up by various highlight channels.

Journalist Jake Lucky also posted the video on his Twitter channel. There, the post received another 595,000 views within a day:

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What did that bring? Attention to the older streamer attracted 3,359 followers to the channel in a week. As Jake Lucky reports, almost 50 people are already subscribers to ConnMan1969.

in one another Tiktok video the son shows how the streamer follows each of his followers himself “to spread a little love” and he is now also looking for prominent players for his father via the platform.

More precise data on the ConnMan1969 channel cannot be read at the moment because the channel is simply too young. However, some people on Twitter note that the achievement is remarkable – they are not even in the affiliate program after months or years.

There have also been nice stories from the larger streamers lately:

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