Sons of the Forest: 2 million games sold in 24 hours and hotfix

Sons of the Forest: Island Survival is off to a great start on Steam

from Andrew Link
Sons of The Forest has sold 2 million copies in 24 hours, developer Endnight Games confirms. There is a first small update in the form of a hotfix.

It was foreseeable that Sons of The Forest would quickly find many followers and the developer Endnight Games confirms this on Twitter in one of his rather rare social media posts. 2 million units were sold in the first 24 hours. At the weekend, the title is meanwhile flying high on Steam. 350,000 people played on Saturday and the number is likely to increase as the weekend progresses.

In addition to the initial euphoria, some disillusionment is also spreading. Players can get excited about the visuals and the building system. The island, which is now four times as large, sometimes feels empty because there is not that much going on in the extensive outdoor areas and some people still don’t like the balancing. But there is an immediate remedy for this by fine-tuning the settings when the game starts. Some also find the story a bit thin and Kelvin is not the brightest. All in all, however, it is still 84% agreement.

Sons of the Forest: More popular than Hogwarts Legacy and one of the biggest Steam releases

The first hotfix is ​​here

Endnight Games has announced the next update for in 14 days, but is already delivering a small hotfix patch for Sons of The Forest:

  • Fixed the issue where removing the book from the backpack blocks the game
  • Fixed input mapping issue
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You are asked to report bugs, especially in Early Access. Critical errors should be fixed quickly, the rest becomes part of the update cycle.

The Forest 2 was released on Thursday February 23 at 7 p.m. You now play a specially trained soldier on a mission – this is a bit different than John Doe’s accidental crash in the first part. You were looking for your son, now it’s a missing billionaire. The change may seem small, but it could have a profound impact on the gaming experience. But you can now simulate the “arrival of the white man on a tropical island” with eight people in co-op, cut down everything and build an extensive fort that protects you from the indigenous “population”. The Forest 2 was announced in 2019 and has been delayed multiple times. PCGH will provide a technology test, but was only able to get started at seven last night.