Sons of the Forest: Find and Use Sleds – How to fire across the map at full throttle

sons of the forest map 3d printer

You can print a sled in Sons of the Forest and use it to perform daring maneuvers or quickly bridge long distances. You can find out how to get and use the sled here.

How do you get the sled? The sled serves its purpose, but is more of a toy in Sons of the Forest and accordingly expensive. You need 1,000 printer ink for a sled.

Here on the map you can see where you can find a 3D printer for the sled. The place flashes green on your GPS device, you will find a cave entrance there:

Cave entrance to a 3D printer – map source:

Think carefully about whether you want to get the sled. The part is very expensive. You should spend the printer ink on more useful things first, like arrows, drinking bottles or grappling hooks for ziplines.

In your inventory you will find the sled at the top left.

How does the sled work? You need a slope and you have to equip the sled – you’re good to go.

Jump and then press the left mouse button (attack). The sled quickly reaches a hell of a speed, there is not much to steer, although it is actually possible with WASD. If you jump on the sled, you should be sure that you are already heading in the right direction.

You can also use the piece to prevent fall damage. If you jump from an uncomfortable height and sit on the sled first, you don’t need to worry about damage.

Is everything going right there? Not quite – the slide and sled are both a bit bugged.

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You can even shoot through some solid obstacles with the sled if you’re fast enough. That doesn’t quite work yet.

You can also thunder down the mountains like a toboggan world champion without a sled. To do this, open your construction menu with “B” (the small manual) and approach a slope. This is already very popular on reddit (via

Do you have further questions about the sled or would you like a specific guide to Sons of the Forest, leave a comment on the topic.

Otherwise, we would like to issue a warning at this point that your enemies may infiltrate your base unnoticed at this very moment: Kelvin was only the hero in Sons of the Forest – But players now say: “Don’t trust him!”