Sons of the Forest: Finding the Golden Mask – What does the part do?

sons of the forest map maintenance key

The Golden Mask is one of the strong late-game items in Sons of the Forest and is very useful. You can find out how to get the part and what it brings you here.

Where can you find the Golden Mask? If you’re looking for the Golden Mask, you’ll soon have explored all available secrets on the nasty Forest Island. That’s why you need one of the keycards to be able to reach the mask at all:

  • Maintenance Keycard / maintenance key card
    • Location further down in the article

Here you will find the bunker with the golden mask on the map. The location will be displayed as a green dot on your GPS device:

The bunker is difficult to traverse, full of enemies and the story continues as well. Only go into the bunker with strong equipment. Open the spoiler box if you wanted to know what other items you can find here:

  • Flashlight attachment
  • golf club
  • katana
  • Golden Armor
  • Golden Mask
  • “Email – Safe in Cube”
  • “Email – Classified Scientific Data”
  • “Enamel – Golf Balls”
  • “Stock Price Chart”

Cross floors 1 and 2 for the golden mask. You are now in a stairwell and can go down several floors. Search floor 5 and you will find the mask.

You can watch a spoiler-free video with the path in the bunker, without opponents, here:

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How do I get the Maintenance Keycard? To get this key card you need the shovel. For this you have to cross a total of 3 caves, check out our guide on the subject: Sons of the Forest: Find a shovel – This is how you get the important progression item.

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The location is shown on your GPS device as a flashing green dot:

The Cave with the Maintenance Key Map – Map Source:

Investigate the ground at this location. You will find places to dig here and you will discover a bunker. Examine the underground complex and in a living area you will find the keycard on the desk. Keep looking around, there’s a lot to loot down here.

What does the Golden Mask bring? Similar to the Red Mask, which you can create in a 3D printer, you hold the equipped mask in front of your face. Cannibals are deterred by this. They think you are one of the bosses and leave you alone.

If you are not already in a fight with the intrusive neighbors, you can use this to prevent aggression towards you.

Unfortunately, the mask cannot do anything against the enemy in your camp: Kelvin was only the hero in Sons of the Forest – but players now think: “Don’t trust him!”