Star Wars: This real series is going to be much bigger than expected

Star Wars: This real series is going to be much bigger than expected

As the world awaits new movies, Disney continues to expand the narrative of what happened between the original Star Wars trilogy and the sequels. Three real-life series will be released this year, which will shed more light on what follows Return of the Jedi it all happened in a galaxy far, far away. And although Disney recently decided to significantly reduce the output of new releases in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars continues to step on the gas.

Star Wars: The Real TV Series is coming to Disney Plus in 2023

Lucasfilm is once again providing us with plenty of Star Wars content this year. Same three Real series appear on Disney Plus, the Mickey Mouse group’s subscription streaming service.

First, we have Ahsoka. This is the film adaptation of the experiences of a former Padawan student by Anakin Skywalker, after he turned to the dark side and became Darth Vader. Ahsoka will launch on Disney Plus in 2023.

Another live-action series from the Star Wars universe is titled Skeleton Crew. It sheds light on the experiences of a group of children who are stranded in the galaxy and with Hollywood star Jude Law have to survive all sorts of adventures at her side. Despite the indicated framework of action, it should not be a series aimed at children. Also skeleton crew Slated for release on Disney Plus in 2023.

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And finally, the third season of The Mandalorian is starting – and very soon. Away Wednesday 01 March 2023are broadcast on Disney Plus on a weekly basis eight episodes appear and tell of the further fate of the bounty hunter and his ward, Baby Yoda. But that’s obviously not the end of it.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian is getting a 4th season – it’s going to be a lot bigger

Actor, producer and screenwriter Jon Favreau (Young Sheldon, Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home) recently confirmed that it has already started work on season four of The Mandalorian starring Pedro Pascal (The Last of Us). The scripts are already done. Since Ahsoka, Skelton Crew, The Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian are all playing at the same time, long-term planning is necessary to make everything as congruent as possible.

Asked if Star Wars: The Mandalorian season 4 might be the last, Jon Favreau replied that we are only in the middle of a much bigger story. So the showrunner still has a lot to do with the characters. Surprisingly, the much-criticized Real series The Book of Boba Fett is getting another season.