Sunday Question: Do you want to get a PSVR2? – News

Sunday Question: Do you want to get a PSVR2?  - News


At GamersGlobal we have informed you in various ways about the launch of the PSVR2. But does the new hardware tempt you to buy it?

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The PlayStation VR2 is here. At the asking price, the virtual reality hardware is certainly not a candidate for impulse purchases, but as we found in the PSVR2 test: Overall, you get a fine piece of hardware for your money.

How about you now? Have you already received your PSVR2 or are you planning to buy it, are you unsure or do you already know: you don’t have to come to my house? Tell us by taking part in the survey below and please let us know in the comments whether, for example, the games at launch are not yet convincing or what connection you have to the VR topic in general.

You can vote for the Sunday question until Monday at 09:00 – if you change your mind, you can still log in another answer until then. We will then close the survey and present you with the resulting opinion a little later in the form of a news update. Do you have ideas for a Sunday question? Then send a PM to Hagen.

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