The Crew series exceeds 40 million players

The Crew series exceeds 40 million players

In addition to force and Grand Touring, both of which have dominated the racing sim genre for years, there have been some notable competitors that have provided gamers with similar alternatives. It is possible that the series The Crew from Ubisoft has never touched the heights of its aforementioned peers when it comes to sheer quality, but it’s certainly been a massive hit for the game, as evidenced by the most recently confirmed playerbase figures.

This was revealed by Creative Director Stephane Baley at Twitter, The Crew and The Crew 2 have collectively surpassed 40 million lifetime players across all platforms, the first launching in 2014 and the second in 2018.

That’s not reflective of sales, especially with both games also having been available via subscription services, but it’s an incredibly impressive number. With a new core game in the series also set to launch later this year with The Crew Motorfestthat number is sure to rise even higher in the near future.

15 years ago, a group of friends dreamed of creating their own driving game. Ubisoft trusted them. Ivory gave birth to #TheCrew. 15 years later, 40 million players have joined the adventure. Soon it will continue with The Crew MotorFest. Always believe in your dreams! Thank you all

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