The first guardians were able to start Destiny 2: Lightfall on PS5, celebrating it, although there is hardly anything to see

The first guardians were able to start Destiny 2: Lightfall on PS5, celebrating it, although there is hardly anything to see

Lightfall is the next, highly anticipated expansion for Destiny 2. The release is actually only a few days away, but the first players in Europe and Japan have already been able to start the game and the update. There wasn’t much to see yet – but it’s still enough to inspire enthusiasm.

When does Lightfall start?

As a user on reddit , Guardians in Europe and Japan were able to start downloading Lightfall in the middle of the night today, February 26th. After that, the game could even start.

However, players could not do much with the update yet. Nobody went further than the title screen. The error has now been fixed and Bungie has apologized for it.

Desinty 2 should be much harder with Lightfall. Check out the expansion launch trailer here:

Destiny 2: Lightfall – Launch Trailer

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Lightfall: Failure breeds anger and excitement

Here’s what to see: In the short time that Lightfall was available for download and launch, the guardians were only found on the start screen. For this, however, there is direct praise from the community:

  • “God, this music is so amazing! I thought they were going full techno, but I’m pleasantly surprised. Has a dark vibe in many parts. This might be my new favorite theme tune.” – calebmock via reddit
  • “Every single time I’m amazed at how beautiful the music is in this game.” – yHello via YouTube
  • “I’m going to miss the Witch Queen theme song, but damn, this one’s good.” – Austin R via YouTube

The video with the theme tune is still available on YouTube:

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What happens if I have already downloaded the update? As users explain on reddit, those who have already loaded Lightfall can experience problems with the game. Because Destiny 2 can no longer be started normally.

An official Bungie account shares tips on how to get Destiny 2 running again if you’ve already loaded Lightfall so you can play until tomorrow:

  • Uninstalls the game
  • Go to your games library
  • Select “Your Collection”.
  • Select the Destiny 2 icon
  • Choose the PS5 version
  • Download and install Destiny 2 again from the store page’s download button

However, you should not have any disadvantages other than not being able to play Destiny 2 at the moment if you do not follow the steps. Despite the mistake, many users say thank you for the unwanted “sneak peek”.

Incidentally, the guardians blame elite streamers for one of the biggest changes in Lightfall:

Destiny 2 players criticize increase in difficulty in Lightfall – elite streamers are said to be to blame for everything

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