The Mandalorian: Author writes the series with no concrete ending in mind

Scene from "Star Wars"

Despite having fantastic stories, outstanding acting or excellent music, great series can suffer from horrific endings. Apparently finding a fitting ending to multiple seasons of episodes, conflict, and emotional moments is anything but easy. Jon Favreau seems to be keeping as many options open as possible in this regard. After all, screenwriter The Mandalorian spoke about the same subject in a recent interview.

No end in sight?

In an interview with Gamesradar, Favreau was asked about the fourth season of the series. After all, it was recently officially confirmed that the scripts for these are already finished. Accordingly, the question arose as to whether we were approaching the end of the series: “The beauty of it is that it’s the middle chapter of a much larger story.”the author said in an interview.

And while we’ll have a resolution with these characters over time, I think these characters fit into a larger framework, but it’s not like we’re currently working towards a finale that I have in mind. In fact the opposite is true, I love stories that go on and on and on. Accordingly, these characters could be with us for a while and I love telling their stories with their voices and I love how the adventures unfold and I’m really looking forward to doing more of them.